How much is a painting?

Pricing for painting varies greatly. Everything I do is custom, and prices will reflect that. I price base on size and intricacy level, so you messaging me what you want, and how large you want is how I can get that answer quickest. Shoot me a message on my Contact page and I can get you an estimate in 1-2 days.

How long does it take to get my painting?

Turn around time depends heavily on communication from the client. Currently I am in full-time school, so I work to try to have the painting to you within a month and a half, ideally sooner if my schedule allows.

Shipping wise, I ship with USPS, and in order to drastically bring down the cost of the piece for clients, I do my almost all of my custom paintings in the standard USPS Flat Rate Shipping sizes.

Can I commission you to create a custom mural? 

Absolutely. I love working with clients to bring your design ideas to life, and enjoy taking on unique creative projects especially.

I found a painting/mural I like online, can you do that?

I am more than happy to be inspired by work, and discuss those inspirations directly with the client. Under no circumstances would I copy any art, design, or property.

Will you a paint a portrait of me, or my spouse, or my pets?

My work is primarily focused on impressionistic, abstract landscapes and color studies.

I want an abstract painting, but don’t know exactly what I want… Help?

I totally understand. A lot of people love abstract but don’t know how to describe what they like. I work with clients regularly to help them identify their styles, so they can have a beautiful piece of art they love and understand.

When is payment due?

For murals, a 50% deposit will be collected before design starts. The remaining balance will be collected upon completion of the mural. I am always happy to discuss payment plans, or anything like that if you’re worried about pricing. If it’s a particularly complex piece, I will probably create a digital rendering for you, and the pricing of that would be determined by the piece in question.

For painting/digital design clients, I ask for the payment to be received during or upon completion, and I’m happy to discuss a payment plan as well for you. If it’s a particularly challenging piece, I may ask for a sketch/design fee, if I feel a sketch is required for us to be on the same page.

I am local, can I pick my painting up from you?

Unfortunately I don’t accept in-home picks ups for artwork. I am happy to meet you in town to save you on the shipping.