How much is a painting?

Pricing for painting varies greatly (I'm sure this isn’t a total surprise, lol). Everything I do is custom, and prices will reflect that. I price base on size and intricacy level, so you messaging me what you want, and how large you want is how I can get that answer quickest. Shoot me a message on my Art Commission page and I can get you an estimate in 1-2 days.

How long does it take to get my painting?

Turn around time depends heavily on communication from the client. Currently I am in full-time school, so I work to try to have the painting to you within a month and a half, ideally sooner if my schedule allows.

Shipping wise, I ship with USPS, and in order to drastically bring down the cost of the piece for clients, I do my almost all of my custom paintings in the standard USPS Flat Rate Shipping sizes.

Can I commission you to create a custom piece or mural? 

Umm, YES! I love working with clients to bring your design ideas to life, and enjoy taking on unique creative projects especially. Email me anytime and I would love to make something for you! As well, I made a handy-dandy Art Commissions page for you to easily get me the info you need for your next piece.

I found a painting/mural I like online, can you do that?

I am more than happy to be inspired by work, and discuss those inspirations directly with the client. Under no circumstances would I copy any art, design, or property.

Will you a paint a portrait of me, or my spouse, or my pets?

99% of the time, no. Unless you want some really cool stick figures, that is beyond my expertise at this time unfortunately. Though, I am always willing to see photos of your pets. Send them my way.

I want an abstract painting, but don’t know exactly what I want… Help??

I totally understand. A lot of people love abstract but don’t know how to describe what they like. Shoot me a message from my Art Commission page, and we can figure out where to head in getting you an abstract painting you actually can describe and like.

When is payment due?

For murals, a 50% deposit will be collected before design starts. The remaining balance will be collected upon completion of the mural. I am always happy to discuss payment plans, or anything like that if you’re worried about pricing. If it’s a particularly complex piece, I will probably create a digital rendering for you, and the pricing of that would be determined by the piece in question.

For painting/digital design clients, I ask for the payment to be received during or upon completion, and I’m happy to discuss a payment plan as well for you. If it’s a particularly challenging piece, I may ask for a sketch/design fee, if I feel a sketch is required for us to be on the same page.

I am local, can I pick my painting up from you?

As much as I want every person on this earth to meet my perfect and amazing dogs, I prefer to not have the client come to my house.

I am happy to meet you in town though, and if I’m mailing you a painting, I work hard to keep my shipping prices low.